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We have received generous grants and support from:
Las Campanas Community Fund Grant
The Community Health Funder Alliance
Celia Lipton Farris & Victor W. Farris Foundation Fund

Santa Fe Community Foundation
The Kind World Foundation
and, many Private Donors — just like you!

Donations have been made in honor of:

Charles Bliss

Nancy Robison

Francisca Lira

Bea S. Sullivan

Linda Eccard's Mom

Lauretta Cruz

Henry Duran

Amazing place

Myrtle Hernandez

Florence Moulton


Elizabeth Reese

Virginia Phillips

Lucille G. Aillet

Barbara Weil

Joan Gavin Wells

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We offer all services to caregivers for FREE because of the generous support of our donors and volunteers.

​Have you ever considered not giving because you don’t think that your "small" donation will make a difference?

If so, think again - every donation makes a big difference!

Donations have funded our mission in so many ways:

  • In person retreat venue rental and cleaning costs

  • Respite care funding for caregivers 

  • Online retreat technology support

  • Retreat meals and grocery purchases

  • Rentals of equipment like chairs, tables, tents, and more

  • Printing and advertising costs

  • Transportation reimbursements

  • Fees for online services for bookings, podcasting, website hosting, newsletter communications, video production, etc.


"Please consider registering and/or donating to this wonderful organization dedicated to offering FREE retreats to caregivers. I give my time, talent and funds when I can. I have seen the recipients of the retreats, and I feel I am also investing in my own future as a caregiver. I believe in them.” Chris W. Volunteer