Mindful Caregiving Virtual Series

Join us for a virtual monthly caregiver series that will focus on how you can improve your quality of life, perseverance, and ability to handle stressful situations as a caregiver. Melissa Smith-Wilkinson, the founder of Caregiver Wellness Retreat, will be offering real-time mindfulness tools and techniques that are simple and easy to implement throughout your day. Each event will be at 11AM CST and be provided via Zoom.
August 1st : Mindfulness 101- for beginners to experts (aka: everyone)
Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the practice. Join us for a fun session recapping our most favorite and impactful mindfulness exercises.
September 12th : Replenish Mini-Retreat
A mini (one hour) retreat to replenish you. If you’ve been feeling depleted or burned out, join us for this hour to refocus. Reestablish your center and reframe mindful, realistic self-care. This is a pre-cursor to our longer retreat… just to give you a taster to a full menu of respite and wellness to come.

October 3rd TIME TBD: Replenish Caregiver Wellness Retreats
It’s easy to put yourself last. We all do it in various seasons of our lives. When in fact, the last thing we need to give up is the thing that gets us through. With guest experts within their respective wellness fields, join us for a moving and empowering online 2-and-a-half-hour retreat which will explore: mindfulness, creativity, movement, meditation, and other powerful resources to help you in
your journey to thriving while caregiving.

November 7th: How Being Curious is the Secret to Happiness
Now that we have your attention, join us in exploring the skills for curiosity. This session will reveal the keys to sustainable happiness or at the very least make it a darn good way to spend the hour.
December 5th: Gratefulness, Grief, and Goodness
Loss brings up a lot of emotions. Explore with us tools to cope with many types of grief and learn how you don’t have to be grateful for your losses — but science tells us it may help your healing process to find a mindfulness practice that is meaningful as you move through your grief.
January 4th: Being
Who are you without all the doing? How to simplify the hardest mindfulness practice yet— being still.