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"Caregivers need to connect with other caregivers. They need to pamper themselves. They often neglect themselves for the sake of their patients or their loved ones.  My experience there was truly amazing and I will not hesitate to volunteer again for this retreat or anything like it.” -Chris, Music Therapist and Houston Volunteer

Ways to Give Back

Caregivers of Alzheimer's and other dementias are an underserved and very isolated population.

Be a part of making a difference.


Volunteer! Do you have experience as a caregiver or a background with Alzheimer’s or other dementias? Are you a wellness professional? If you are in one of our 4 retreat locations, email for an application. 


Spread the word! Do you know of a caregiver? Please share the registration link.


Sponsor our retreats! We need groceries, meal sponsors, printing, supplies, tables/chair rentals, and other expenses donated. Our sponsors receive a handwritten thank you, and we will gladly reciprocate with placing your company’s logo and link on our sponsor page. 

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