OnDemand Caregiver Wellness Retreat 

At-Home Wellness Retreat for
Caregivers of Alzheimer’s and other Dementias

FREE Virtual Retreat with the Option to Gift or Donate to a Caregiver 

OnDemand Caregiver Wellness Retreat

During the At-Home Wellness Retreat learn new practices that:

Calm your nervous system
Ease tension
Reduce stress 
Promote vibrant health
Develop emotional regulation 
Encourage you in your daily life to live with intention 
We specialize in wellness techniques for the caregiver. Our expertise lies in providing all the self-care tools necessary to meet the demands of either daily family caregiving or caregiving from a distance.
We recognize the grief felt by caregivers is tremendous and ambiguous. Our daily wellness themes are universal and also specific to your concerns as caregivers. 
Many of our professional facilitators have been caregivers and understand the demands and stressors you face. These practices are short and easy to follow as we know your time is limited. 
May these video sessions give you pockets of peace and hope that you can refer back to over and over again.

10 Days, about 10 Minutes per Session.

10+ Wellness Professionals.

On Your Time.

Join the AT-HOME WELLNESS RETREAT and expect:

Amy Bidrman & Ann Kaseman - Self Care for the Caregiver
Beth Reese - Mindfulness Meditation
Cara Miller & Megan Magill - Nutrition and Recipes
Chris Webb - Music Therapy
Dani Klein Modisett - Laughter Tips for Creating Connection
Dawn Ross - Movement Therapy 
Justine Fanarof - Balancing Heart Meditation & Mantra for Memory
Kim Taurins - Meditation Made Simple
Mary Oppermann - BreathPlay 
Richard Wilkinson - Simple Methods to Build and Restore Resilience
PLUS enjoy 2 bonus sessions!
Daven Lee - Calming the Waters
Santa Fe Botanical Garden - Mindfulness through Nature

Each video session is designed to: 

Fit into your schedule
Be watched at any time 
Yours to keep

Join the OnDemand Caregiver Wellness Retreat

We are excited to offer a variety of offerings (all about 10 minutes in length) featuring our wellness professionals for an At-Home Caregiver Wellness Retreat!
Once registered, these incredible wellness-life tools will come directly to your inbox.
Choose one of the 2 registration options: FREE or By Donation for you or a Caregiver you love.


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A Personal Invitation from Melissa...

Our mission is to support the well-being of family caregivers of Alzheimer's and other dementias. Over the last 6 years, more than 120 volunteers have offered care for over 300 caregivers in more than 7 in-person wellness retreats. While this doesn't replace our in-person retreats, it's designed to be a complement to it.


We offer a broad range of wellness and awareness tools to manage the daily stresses of caregiving and focus specifically on the self-care of you, rather than dementia education. 

We are thrilled to offer this OnDemand Caregiver Wellness Retreat specifically designed with your needs and concerns in mind! 

With gratitude, 






When is the retreat?

The retreat will start with your first email after registration. You’ll get 10 total emails and the material never expires. Watch as you can, when you can. Either daily or later.

How long do I have access to the OnDemand Retreat?


What materials or props do I need?

Just you! You can choose to stand, sit or lay down for most sessions as the facilitators guide you.

How long is the retreat?

10 days of sessions, at your own pace for just about 10 minutes each session.

When should I take the retreat?

What better time than now!

I'm not a caregiver, can I still participate?

Yes! We feel these wellness principles are universal. Anyone - or any type of caregiver will benefit.

What is the difference between the OnDemand Retreat and live caregiver retreats?

On-Demand Retreats are simply online. The online version is designed for you to do in short segments - around 10 minutes each day. The in-person or live retreats are held 4 times a year in 4 cities. For more information on registration and dates to sign up for those click here. Both the OnDemand and the live in-person retreats are free for family caregivers of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. If you wish to make a donation to help us reach more caregivers, you can do that here.