• G.J. Hodson

5 Key Lessons from A Dementia Caregiver

Since my time as a dementia caregiver, I have been looking for the “big picture” of caregiving. I went to graduate school, read reports, and compared many kinds of data, all to contextualize my experience to academic settings and share what I learned with the next generation(s) of caregivers. Below are my five key lessons learned from a caregiver perspective.

1. Caregivers are Isolated.

Over 16 million people care for someone with dementia, yet most caregivers feel alone facing the experience. People in our lives may not understand the demands we face. Our wellness, communities, and careers may be compromised as a result. Dementia caregivers seldom do a very good job connecting with each other, despite proven benefits from support groups, memory cafes, and other commu