• G.J. Hodson

Caring for the Caregiver: How Others Can Support Us

One of the first acts of self-care that I took on when I was caregiving was a monthly deep-tissue massage. My first session was a gift, but I declared them indispensable. Tonya, the massage therapist who untangled my knots and got me out of my head, had trained around the world and I found our conversations as relieving as the warm table and soothing music.

“Who cares for the caregiver?” she would ask sagely, talking to herself as much as me. She was an active grandmother herself, but would eventually move away to take care of her mom.

So that’s our topic today: what the people in our lives can do to make dementia

caregiving less stressful and lonely. For you caregivers reading, save the link and send it the next time someone says they want to help!

Just Show Up For Caregivers

Many dementia caregivers report feeling isolated (despite there being millions of us!) so the mist basic thing we might need from others is to just be recognized: our existence, our devotion, our efforts. That can look different for specific people, but our supporters can ask: