• G.J. Hodson

An Internet Guide for Dementia Care Partners

Updated: Jul 7

The Internet has countless resources for caregivers, with more added every day. These resources coexist along specific tiers of professionalization, geography, focus, and affordability, but they aren’t always simple to navigate and as clearly identified as we might like. We reviewed some of what’s out there and created a guide to give you some tips for choosing the best resources for caregivers when you need them.

Resource Guidelines You Need to Know:

  1. There are a ton of freely available resources. No subscription services, no premium apps, no intricate logins. But, if you can invest further in your care journey, we recommend the book The 36 Hour Day, a family guide to caring for people who have Alzheimer's disease, other dementias and memory loss. You can also use Find A Therapist to specifically find a physician who specializes in seniors and grief and loss.

  2. Resources must be organized and easy to navigate. We’d all like to find the perfect article for every situation, but most of us can’t make that kind of time. We favor comprehensive yet straightforward