• Dawn F. Landry

Extracting Your Ego to Allow Others to Help You

Updated: Jul 6

Excerpt from ARMORED, a Memoir with Inspirational and Practical Life Strategies.

ARMORED was conceived to help other business professionals like me when they are

unexpectedly stretched with caring for an ill loved one. As a business professional with

no medical background, I had to redefine the role of caregiver to one that better suited

me because my 50-year-old husband, Daran, has survived three life-threatening

illnesses, including stage four cancer (in 2009) and a physically paralyzing and speech

debilitating stroke in November 2019.

There were times early in the cancer battle when life brought me to my knees. In full

transparency, it is often a lonely place to be, even when I was surrounded by many

others. We all shoulder our challenges differently. Unless you have walked in someone else’s

shoes, there is no full empathy for the pain that they are enduring. We can only be there

for them as best we can and assist as they allow us. What works for me may not work

for you and vice versa.