Santa Fe, New Mexico Retreat Registration

October 3, 2020

9am - 5pm

Arrive between 8:30-9am at The Academy for the Love of Learning in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Sunday, October 3, 2020. Enjoy a full day of wellness sessions that you, the caregiver, return to taking care of YOU. 

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Our retreats include mindfulness, meditation, gentle movement, music, art, horticultural therapies and other powerful wellness tools to help you revive and renew your own plan for wellness as the family caregiver.

Professional Caregivers

We welcome professional caregivers on a limited basis. If you are interested in enrolling your paid facility caregivers, we kindly ask that you send a maximum of two.


Upon request, we can supplement what they learn after the retreat by coming to your facility and offering a wellness workshop — either fee-based or by donation on a sliding scale.


We value and understand how imperative it is for all caregivers to receive this kind of care.


To register a professional caregiver, email

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